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One of the factors that cemented Monique’s decision to join CAPS was the introduction of the Peer Support Program. As a lifelong helper, in her mind, this branded CAPS as “members helping other members”. She applied to be a Peer Support before the ink was dry on her membership form. 


As a helping professional, she has worked in mental health, conjugal violence, youth protection, elder care, chronic pain management, grief support and family counselling services. 


In her personal life, she has been divorced, remarried, experienced severe financial hardships, copes with chronic physical pain, was a caregiver to her sick Mom for 13 years and has a daughter, a stepson, and a stepdaughter. 


She is above all a very compassionate and non-judgmental listener. After all, she has probably either lived through or helped someone live through your current troubling circumstances.  She is ready to listen and support.

To reach Monique, please email her at:

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