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Dianne’s mission is to live life fully and to overcome the obstacles that get in her way. Living with a chronic health condition has meant numerous changes to her life, career and business over the last decade and learning how to manage the ups and downs of the condition has opened her eyes to the many things she is grateful for and that she previously took for granted. 


Her goals are to continually find ways to learn and stretch and grow in her capacity and she shares that learning and experience with others. 

She is a life-long learner, a professional coach and trainer and she supports leaders at all levels with overcoming the obstacles that appear in their life, career and business.


She has been a member of CAPS for over a decade. She served on the MB Chapter Board in many roles including President. She also served as a CAPS Cares Advocate and as Chapter Liaison on the CAPS National Board. She is currently serving on the CAPS Peer Support Team.

She has a MA in Leadership, a BA in Conflict Resolution, and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching.


Dianne McCoy, MA, PCC

To reach Dianne, please email her at:

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