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The son of an alcoholic father who died at 52, Bear was put to the test at an early age. At 15 he was molested by a pedophile and developed bad behaviours through adolescence. At 23 he was injured in a ski accident and had to go through four minor surgeries (within 15 years) to correct his damaged knees. At 26 Bear lost his dad and even if he was an alcoholic, he taught him good manners and good values. Bear also had a mentor (didn’t know the meaning of the word at the time) Jean-Guy Lewis who helped him polish his character and develop a set of values.

Bear learned at an early age (and through therapy) the value of being helpful and a good listener and applied those skills throughout his whole life. After a disastrous setback that almost took his life Bear realized the value of life, friendship and perseverance and has spent his life trying to help others in need. At 57 both his knees were replaced. The operation was “successful” except for the fact that Bear suffered excruciating pain for seven long years before another doctor repaired the damaged knees. Although this time the pain was physical more than psychological, it affected him greatly. Now the granddad of three wonderful grandchildren he has a special perspective on life and wants to help others benefit from his past experiences, both bad and good.

To reach Bernard, please email him at:

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