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Patricia Morgan feels honored to be a Peer Support Volunteer.  With a MA in Clinical Psychology she has had many helping professional roles.  However, as a peer support, she primarily listens and affirms, “It is more than OK to reach out; it can make all the difference.”


As a long-time member of CAPS, Patricia is a past president of CAPS Calgary, the creator of the Fast Track program, and the recipient of the Spirit of CAPS.

From a personal perspective, Patricia’s Dad was physically and emotionally abusive. She now appreciates he was an uneducated, poor dirt farmer with undiagnosed PTSD from WWII. Believing she was stupid she failed grade seven and dropped out of high school. At 30 years-of-age, she took a university class, and now has written several books, including a Canadian Best Seller. Patricia is the main support for her adopted daughter, Kelly and grandson, who live with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. She demonstrates, and speaks on, resiliency.

Patricia Morgan, MA CCC

To reach Patricia, please send her an email at:

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