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The Power of Support in Difficult Times

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

The Power of Support in Difficult Times

In this time of unusual circumstance, we need to own how resilient and wise this community is.

It may also be important to note the following are not signs of mental illness:

● We are sad about the years we have put into a career where we currently face massive stumbling blocks to delivering our message.

● We are concerned about income that has disappeared and we have not yet figured out how to replace it.

● We are grieving with the world where so many are sick, so many who have died and will die, and the families who are left without people they love.

● We are frustrated by the confinement which produces so much sameness and keeps us from the arms of our friends and many of our family.

● We are disappointed at the responses of governments and the sad lack of preparedness of our world for this global challenge.

● We are confused by the unknowns in terms of how society will change and how we will need to change in the coming days, months and years.

These are normal ways our hearts and minds respond to what is happening. It is only when we hyper focus on these concerns and do not reach out for support when the burden feels heavy, that our minds become vulnerable to getting stuck in anxiety or depression.

I have seen and experienced the reaching out of CAPS members, our fabulous ability to communicate and support each other and I believe this will continue. The Spirit of CAPS is alive and well and each of us is needed to listen, care and find new ways for Experts who Speak to support the world we are in, and to give and receive care from our community.

So, to say it again. When we are sad, we are not ill. When we grieve and are concerned about what to do next - we are accessing wisdom. When we reach out to give and receive support, we are not weak, but are demonstrating that we know that going it alone makes no sense.

The Peer Support Volunteers remain part of the support which is always available. We do not pretend to have answers, but we are here as part of the caring collaboration that is a trademark of the CAPS community.

With love and caring,

Faythe Buchanan

Peer Support Chair


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