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The CAPS Foundation strives hard to ensure that any member who reaches out for help is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. 

From time to time, members who have benefited from the Foundation's programs choose to voluntarily provide a testimonial and share their story. Below are a few of those members who wanted to celebrate the Foundation and what it has done to support them. 

Sylvia Plester-Silk

2019 was one of the worst years of Sylvia's life. Her beloved sister (and mentor) was dying of cancer and Sylvia was pouring all of her energy and resources into supporting and caring for her. This commitment to her sister's well-being took a major toll on her emotional and financial health and devastated her business.

Please watch and listen as Sylvia shares her story and explains how she reached out to the CAPS Foundation for both Peer Support and Financial assistance. Sylvia reminds us that there is no shame or embarrassment in reaching out during our time of need. 

Martin Parnell

In 2015, while en route to deliver a  Keynote in Winnipeg, Martin fell terribly ill. At the hospital he was told he had a massive clot in his brain. He was placed in an induced coma and underwent weeks of treatment. As a traithlete and marathon runner, Martin wasn't used to sitting still. He had to cancel a year's worth of bookings and take time to heal.

In this poignant testimonial, Martin shares his experience and explains how the CAPS Foundation was able to help him get back on his feet. 

Monique Caissie

Following a serious car accident that induced significant head trauma, Monique's life began to unravel.  Faced with a misdiagnosis of her condition coupled with major upheavals in her personal life, Monique reached out to the CAPS Foundation. 

Please watch as Monique shares her ongoing journey to recovery and encourages others to consider the Foundation in their time of need. 

Ruth Sirman

When CAPS Ottawa Member, Ruth Sirman,  experienced a work related accident it turned her world upside-down. She underwent multiple surgeries, had to stop working, and nearly lost her house and her business. 


In this compelling video testimonial, Ruth shares her story and explains how the CAPS Foundation played a role in helping to support her during  her catastrophic health challenges.

Louise Burley.jpg

Louise Burley

As we know, “life happens”.   I have been a proud member of CAPS for 15 years.  I underwent three major surgeries over a period of four years, and other family emergencies occurred during that time, making work extremely difficult for me.  

I was unable to travel for speaking engagements; could not work on my talking computer, could not develop training programs and my business was on hold.  Having very few options for revenue, the situations with which I was dealing included travelling five hours to and from surgery;  ensuring my seeing-eye dog was well cared for during my hospital stays; post surgery costs and at the same time, moving my mother from the family home to a seniors residence.



I cannot imagine how I would have managed through this chaos if a member had not told me about the potential for financial support from the Foundation.  I was so grateful that my application was approved. In acknowledging this valuable resource, I not only sincerely thank the team, but wish to congratulate everyone who volunteered over the years to create the Foundation.  As a speaker, I encourage everyone not to hesitate to apply when “life gets in the way”.

Bernard Landreville

When renowned speaker Bernard Landreville agreed to knee replacement surgery, he planned to be off the platform for 4 to 6 months. He had no idea he had embarked on a 3-year nightmare that would prevent him from working and would jeopardize his career.   


Click on the video to watch and listen as Bernard shares his journey.

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