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Even Professional Speakers face health challenges, car accidents, lose a loved one, or struggle with financial loss.  Nature herself can take a run at us in the form of natural disasters and knock the bottom out of everything we thought we could count on.


Because we share in the human experience, there are times when our life stories get so intense, we feel the need to talk to someone - someone who understands.


This is why the CAPS Foundation offers a group of trained volunteers to be that ‘audience of one’. They are there when life feels too rocky and tough to deal with on our own.


The Peer Support Program is not meant to replace your personal support network, but there are times when those you usually count on have their own stressors. Consequently, at that time, you probably don’t want to share your pain with them. Alternatively, perhaps, you just want a confidential person to give you their perspective.


Speakers Listening is the CAPS Peer Support Program motto.  The program is here for you, as a CAPS member, so you don’t have to feel alone when times are tough.

The process to engage with a volunteer is easy.  To connect with a CAPS Peer Support Volunteer simply click the Peer Support Request Form button below.  If you want to speak to a specific peer support listener then click here.

To learn more about the program, please click the Peer Support Program FAQ button below. 


If you have any questions that remain unanswered, please send a confidential email to the following  email address:


CAPS’ Peer Support Program is a benefit offered to you through the CAPS Foundation.

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